COVID in Israel: 241 new cases, 64 on ventilators

COVID in Israel: 241 new cases, 64 ventilated

A total of 1,345,581 people have been infected with COVID-19 in Israel since the start of the coronavirus epidemic.

This is evidenced by data provided by the press service of the Ministry of Health on the morning of December 5.

It is clarified that 241 new cases of infection were identified. Of the 91,978 tests, 0.63% gave a positive answer. Currently, active carriers are 5,306 patients.

Today, 110 patients are in serious condition, 64 of them are connected to artificial lung ventilation (ALV) devices. During the entire period of the coronavirus epidemic, 8,204 people died.

The number of Israelis vaccinated with the first dose reached 6,363,342. The second received 5,780,555, and the third – & ndash; 4 095 367.

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