COVID certificates are massively forged in Europe

COVID certificates are massively counterfeited in Europe

In Germany, a criminal business is growing, selling fake certificates of vaccination against coronavirus infection. Fraudsters bribe pharmacy employees by gaining access to their terminals. After such fraud, they can put QR codes in fake vaccination certificates.

An employee of one of these pharmacies was detained by the Bavarian police, the state prosecutor's office is investigating. At the same time, a group of journalists conducted their own investigation, finding QR codes issued by pharmacies from Bavaria and Hesse on forums selling vaccination certificates. As specified, it is impossible to trace the holders of fake certificates, and even special attachments do not recognize a fake document.

Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament Nicola Ber believes that it is already necessary to organize work to withdraw fake digital certificates of vaccination throughout Europe.

“Looking at the numbers in some regions of Germany, it’s time to sound the alarm. For example, in Saxony we are moving towards the number of counterfeits, expressed as an average of three digits. The aggravation is observed throughout Europe, '' the politician added, writes Around World journal.

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