COVID-19 in the Russian Federation: 28,486 cases

COVID-19 in RF: 28,486 cases

Over the past 24 hours, 28,486 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection have been identified in 85 regions of Russia. Around the country, 34084 recovered patients were discharged per day. In total, 8,876,788 people have been cured since the beginning of the pandemic.

The operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus reported that, according to the latest data, 1,133 people have died in the country in 24 hours. In total, over the entire period, 294,024 deaths were confirmed. 1596083 Russians are under medical supervision.

Kalmykia and Tuva (0.05%), Udmurtia (0.13%) and Altai (0.14%) showed the lowest rates of increase in the incidence per day.

In Moscow over the past day, 3322 new cases of coronavirus were recorded. This is reported by the capital's operational headquarters. During this time, 760 patients were hospitalized. 539 people are on artificial lung ventilation.

According to the headquarters, 3040 patients have fully recovered over the past 24 hours. 85 people died of the disease.

Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko named the percentage of vaccinated people who become infected with coronavirus. According to him, among the vaccinated, the disease is detected in 3.9 percent.

“We see that patients who have been vaccinated, and especially now revaccinated, get sick much less often and are admitted to medical organizations less often”, – said the head of the Ministry of Health, speaking at the congress of healthcare workers.

Murashko stressed that among those vaccinated and infected with coronavirus, only 1.7% of patients are admitted to hospitals. The minister added that in total, 700,000 patients with COVID-19 are currently under medical supervision in Russia.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that the covid certificate will include data on medical withdrawal from vaccination. During her speech in the State Duma, she noted that in addition to the data on vaccination, the document contains information about the transferred illness. There will also be data on a medical withdrawal – either temporary or permanent.

She also stressed that to protect the certificate from counterfeiting, they used a barcode, which gives information about the period and for how long the person received the vaccine. He also reports when a citizen was ill with a coronavirus and for how long he received protection. And it will also contain information about when a person received a medical treatment and for how long.

Meanwhile, Golikova also instructed to prepare amendments to the law for the issuance of certificates for those vaccinated with foreign vaccines and those who have had COVID-19 without going to a doctor. .

She instructed to ensure the issuance of certificates to those vaccinated with foreign vaccines and those who have recovered without going to a doctor. She gave the order to the relevant departments.

“I signed the corresponding order to our federal executive bodies, which are responsible for this or that sphere,” she said during her speech at the State Duma.

The Deputy Prime Minister explained that this is about the procedure for issuing a certificate to those who have been ill and those who received domestic or foreign vaccines abroad.

To determine citizens who have had COVID-19, but did not apply in medical institutions, it is necessary to conduct an analysis. As the Deputy Prime Minister noted, now she will not assume anything, since an appropriate analysis needs to be carried out. So Golikova answered the question of how many Russians could not go to doctors, but at the same time get sick with coronavirus.

Also, the deputy chairman of the government stressed that not all those who had been ill who are in the system did PCR tests after January 1, 2021.

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