Court will “examine” the release of the lynch member in Akko

The court & quot; will examine the issue of & quot; the release of the lynch member in Akko

Judge of the Haifa District Court Nitzan Silman ordered that Qusay Abbas should appear before the Liberation Commission and that & ldquo; examine alternatives to a preventive measure & rdquo;.

Currently, Abbas is in pre-trial detention – for his participation in the lynch of Mura Janashvili in Akko during Operation Wall Guardian.

Honinu's lawyer Haim Bleikher, representing Janashvili's interests, said: “The very idea of ​​discussing the release of a dangerous and brutal terrorist under house arrest strikes the victim and constitutes a concession to terror and terrorists. Moore was brutally beaten by the accused and his terrorist friends. It almost cost him his life, and he will remain disabled forever. We must not leave our citizens to the mercy of fate and allow terrorists to celebrate liberation in their homes. ”

Janashvili arrived at the court session in a wheelchair. His mother, upon learning about the subject of the discussion, fainted and was evacuated to the hospital. Moore turned to the judge: “Enough, you kill me over and over. He must be in prison for the rest of his life. I have no life now. I am silent, I am silent, but enough! We're talking about a terrorist, a terrorist must be in jail for the rest of his life. ”

Judge Silman said in his decision that “ we are talking about a contentious case '': “ On the one hand, we are talking about a crime committed with extreme severity, indicating a particular danger. These actions are documented and the results are dire. On the other hand, when considering other serious cases, the defendants were allowed to appear before the commission. In any case, the examination of the case by the commission does not mean imminent release. ''

Bleicher's lawyer commented on the judge's decision: “ Since when have terrorists been released under house arrest? This has nothing to do with justice, it is simply absurd. Who will guarantee that he will not again throw himself at a Jew with a knife? You cannot keep him at a distance from a potential victim, because every Jew is a potential victim. These people have already decided to kill Jews – and you release them and give them the opportunity to do it again? '' He took part in the arson of the Efendi hotel. The attack killed Israel Prize winner Avi Har Even. The judge, in his decision, pointed out that Suleiman “ expressed regret and sympathy for the Jewish victims '' and, according to the commission, “ does not pose a serious danger. ''

Another terrorist was released earlier – Hasan Eid. Aid smashed the door of the Efendi hotel, poured the canister onto the doorstep, and set fire to it – while others threw Molotov cocktails at calving. The Arab Monitoring Committee and representatives of the RAAM party welcomed the & ldquo; the release of the hero of the city, who did not bow down in the prisons of occupation and acted out of love for Palestine and al-Aqsa & rdquo ;.

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