Cosmonaut Chub received a visa for training in the United States

 Cosmonaut Chub Receives Visa to Train in USA

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US authorities have issued an entry visa for Russian cosmonaut Nikolai Chub to visit the Space Center. Johnson, where training will take place before the flight to the ISS. This was reported in Roskosmos.

The state corporation specified that Chub is going to the United States to participate in a training session that all cosmonauts go through before flying into orbit. At the Cosmonaut Training Center near Moscow. Yu.A. Gagarin, in turn, foreign astronauts are training, mastering the Russian segment of the station.

Earlier, Roscosmos said that the safety of the astronaut's stay at the orbital station in 2023 was called into question due to Washington's refusal to issue him a visa. It was clarified that Chub should go through a five-week session to get acquainted with the American segment of the ISS, writes TASS.

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