Coronavirus Tests: Giant Queues Across Israel

Coronavirus tests: Giant queues across Israel

A sharp rise in the incidence of coronavirus and the entry into force of new isolation rules have led to the creation of giant queues at test centers throughout Israel.

So, in particular, in the testing complex in Pardes Khan, where residents of Pardes Khan, Netanya and Hadera come, it is reported that on Saturday, January 1, waiting in line could take about an hour.

People waited more than two hours in line for a test at a complex on the grounds of Tel Aviv University. Many did not wait – and turned around and left without making a test.

In the drive-in complex at the Moshava stadium in Petah Tikva, there were about a thousand people in the queue, the wait took about two hours. The situation at the Modiin-Reut-Maccabim testing complex was even worse – there were queues for three hours.

Those who visited the indoor testing center in Jerusalem say that this is a real “ coronavirus incubator. ''

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