Coronavirus in Ukraine has not disappeared: 4.5 thousand cases per day

 Coronavirus has not disappeared anywhere in Ukraine: 4.5 thousand cases per day< /p>

Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko spoke about the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine during the war. According to him, COVID-19 has not disappeared anywhere, an average of 4,000 new patients are registered per day.

“Unfortunately, the coronavirus has not disappeared. On weekdays, we have an average of 4.5 thousand cases. To date, 4,038 patients with "covid" have been hospitalized in healthcare facilities (the interview was recorded on March 27, – ed.). This data is from those hospitals where it is possible to obtain statistics. Because where there are hostilities, it is difficult. Vaccination also continues, including the third dose,” Lyashko said.

The minister also reminded that in Ukraine, coronavirus requirements have moved to the level of recommendations. In addition, the color zoning of the territory according to the level of epidemic danger and mandatory vaccination were cancelled. Therefore, today we have made the anti-epidemic rules recommended, not mandatory… Priority issues: if there is a choice, either find and put on a mask first, or run quickly into a bomb shelter – of course, we prefer saving lives from enemy shelling and bombs, “added Lyashko.

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