Coronavirus in the Verkhovna Rada: Ukrainian MPs got sick

Коронавірус у Верховній Раді: які українські депутати захворіли

There are MPs, patients on coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus did not pass and Parliament: it became known that the Ukrainian deputies have patients for the coronavirus. Read on and find out all the details on infected people’s representatives.

As of March 23, Ukrainian doctors have confirmed three coronavirus deputies: Sergei Shakhov, Sergey and Alexander the Great Lukasheva. The Deputy Ruslan Gorbenko passed two analyses of the coronavirus, but they contradict each other, so he waits for the result of another test.

Sergey Shakhov

  • The party: the Opposition platform of life
  • Age: 44 years

Коронавірус у Верховній Раді: які українські депутати захворіли

MP 7-10 March vacationing at a resort in France, however he claims he got in Ukraine in late February, after an incubation period of 14 days. In February, his children have been ill with similar symptoms, but the test has not been done.

The evening of March 12, Sergei Shakhov temperature has risen to 38 degrees and a dry mouth. The Deputy called an ambulance, did a test on the flu which came back negative. A preliminary diagnosis of pneumonia. On March 14th the temperature rose to 39 degrees. The Deputy called an ambulance and asked for a test for the coronavirus that was tested. The tests he took his wife and children. March 17 confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus and Sergey Shakhov was hospitalized. He is now in the Alexander hospital diagnosed coronary disease COVID 19. The test also confirmed the coronavirus his wife.

As of March 23, the state’s Deputy has not improved, but stable. The temperature was lowered with drugs, became a little harder to breathe, but Sergei Shakhov considers that recover faster than Vice versa. More MP started his Telegram channel, which tells all about the course of their illness:

Коронавірус у Верховній Раді: які українські депутати захворіли

Sergey Noble

  • Party: independent candidate, “Our land”
  • Age: 43 years

Коронавірус у Верховній Раді: які українські депутати захворіли

Due to the fact that the Deputy was in contact with Sergei Shakhov, March 18, he passed the test for the coronavirus. Sergei Noble condition worsened, the temperature rose to 38 degrees, developed symptoms of coronavirus. The same symptoms and was the son of the Deputy. They called an ambulance, they were taken to the infectious diseases ward in oleksandrivska hospital, where the Deputy’s son is waiting on the results of detailed analysis of the coronavirus. A quick test of the MP showed a negative result, and his son positive.

Sergey Noble says that temperatures are high still, so he and his son are waiting for final confirmation of diagnosis and further treatment.

Alexander Lukashev

  • The party: the Opposition platform of life
  • Age: 43 years

Коронавірус у Верховній Раді: які українські депутати захворіли

Last week, Alexander Lukashev had a stable temperature in the range of 37 degrees for several days. The last time the Deputy was at work (educational Committee) 10 March, that is March 17 at an extraordinary meeting of BP was not.

Given the fact that the Deputy belongs to one of the faction Sergei Shakhov, who was the first MPs got sick of the coronavirus, there is reason to believe that Alexander Lukashev have contracted it from him.

With the onset of symptoms, the people’s choice went to doctors, first rapid tests were negative, but the March 22 test-PCR confirmed the diagnosis of coronavirus. Now Alexander Lukashev says he feels better.

How will the Verkhovna Rada quarantined

Ukrainians should be ready for anything, because it is unknown how the coronavirus will influence in the future on our lives. The work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, most likely, will be based on the European experience. For example, in Hungary plan to stop the meeting. In General, predict a lull and remote work, serious reform will not happen.

It is likely that voting for the resonant bills will be delayed indefinitely. The Parliament predicted, except to meet for the adoption of extraordinary measures, for example, the state of emergency.

BP registered a bill to permit remote operation of the Parliament. That is, it will be a video conference. Of course, this only applies to work during a pandemic coronavirus. However, while BP is not under quarantine, but deputies continue to work in a traditional setting.

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