Coronavirus in the United States turned out to be deadlier than the “Spanish flu” in 1918

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From & # 171; Spanish & # 187; died 675 thousand Americans.

In the United States, more than 676 thousand people died from complications of COVID-19. This figure exceeds the number of Americans who became victims of the most deadly pandemic of the twentieth century – & # 171; Spanish flu & # 187; (about 675 thousand deaths), reports with reference to TSN.

& # 171; If you spoke to me in 2019, I would say that I would be surprised, – epidemiologist Stephen commented on the situation Kissler of the T.H. Harvard School of Public Health Chan. – But if you spoke to me in April or May 2020, I would say that I would not be surprised if we reach this point & # 187 ;.

The expert noted that despite expectations, the world could not bear lessons from the previous pandemic and repeated & # 171; many mistakes & # 187; made in 1918.

In particular, he neglected the need not to abandon restrictions too early, not to succumb to the mistaken sense of security of the young and healthy, and Do not rely on unsubstantiated treatments.

At the same time, the biggest disadvantage of the coronavirus pandemic compared to the Spanish flu pandemic, Kissler associates with the rapid technological progress.

& # 171; The Internet may be a double-edged sword, the epidemiologist points out. “It gives us the ability to receive updates from CDC and WHO and share information much faster. But it also means we can spread misinformation faster & # 187 ;, he explained.

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