Coronavirus experts: stay at home

Coronavirus experts: stay home

The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Nachman Asch, explained that due to the low reliability of antigen tests, a person who received a negative answer during the test should stay at home if he feels unwell.

Ash said, “Even if it’s a simple flu, we would prefer people to leave the house. Due to the inaccuracy of the tests, we say – even if you have a slight runny nose, not a strong cough, and under normal conditions you would have continued to work, today it is better to stay at home. ”

Immunology expert at Bar Ilan University, Professor Cyril Cohen, admits: “We are now swimming blind. Omicron cannot be stopped, but contamination can be reduced by testing and understanding the situation. But we don’t even have the tools to do that, because the antigen test is unreliable and depends on who reports the results. ”

Cohen encouraged anyone who developed symptoms — a runny nose and cough“ show responsibility towards yourself and others & rdquo; and not leave the house.

Professor Dror Mevorah, director of the Department of Internal Medicine at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, advises not to send children to school: “In the coming period, even if there is no runny nose and cough, it’s not worth going to school. The class will almost certainly be infected. You should stay at home for the next two weeks because this virus is highly contagious. It is better to have less contact with infected people before we reach the peak of the infection. I believe people with symptoms should stay home for at least two more weeks. ”

Professor Galiya Rakhava, Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases says: “The situation is completely unbearable. Every minute the virus does something new, and we are still learning. We don't know exactly what is happening with the omicron. Obviously, it causes the disease in a milder form, but according to data from Denmark, there are many severe hospitalizations – almost like with the delta. There are facts indicating both milder and more severe forms of the disease. Personally, I don't know what's going on. On Saturday we had 15 more people hospitalized than on Friday. This is not to say that because of the omicron they do not put them in the hospital. ”

Professor Rahav joins other experts:“ You have a slight cough – stay at home. You shouldn't give it up and say – it's just a cold. You should not leave your home if you have a runny nose or cough. We have to find alternative options for how to continue our normal life. ”

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