Coronation Curse of Charles III

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 Coronation Curse of Charles III

< p> Stars massively refuse to speak at the coronation of Charles III, which will take place in a couple of months. The media are starting to talk about a possible curse of the ceremony.

So Kylie Minogue refused to participate in the event, assessing the growing Republican sentiment in Australia. As insiders told the Mail on Sunday: “Kylie has been an honorary Brit for many, many years and admires the royal family and everything they do. But she is also a devoted Australian and considered the situation in a country that could soon become a republic”.

Elton John, Rod Stewart and Harry Styles unfortunately will not be able to perform due to busy tours, and Ed Sheeran like Adele “will not be able to perform due to logistics and previous touring”. There is information that it was these two artists that the monarch especially wanted to see.

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