Corona does not stop Israeli musical success in the world

 Corona doesn't stop Israel's world music success

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Despite the corona, in the coming months, concerts of works by Dr. Baruch Berliner will be held in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan. Concerts in Poland, Germany and Turkey have already been booked for 2022. The crown is not able to stop the music and the missionary project of the Israeli composer Baruch Berliner, based on texts from the Bible.

On August 25, a concert for a symphony orchestra and two choirs will take place in Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek, the concert will take place on the great Song Lake Cole.

In September, concerts dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Babi Yar will take place in Ukraine: a symphonic version of “Creation of the World” for orchestra, rock band and soloist.

In Kiev, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra will perform The Creation of the World, as well as Berliner's new work Yaakov's Dream.

In October, as part of the Karelian Nights festival, The city of Petrozavodsk, bordering Finland, will host a concert of works by an Israeli composer, as well as a symphonic poem “Abraham”.

There will be two concerts in Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg) in November.

The first concert will take place in the Cathedral, where the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant is buried. The symphony “Abraham” will be performed here.

The second concert will take place at the City Musical Theatre, where the symphonic-rock work “Creation of the World” will be performed.

concerts at the Tinkov Arena in St. Petersburg – a large program will be presented there
Famous soloist Dmitry Yosef, a famous Russian actor, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, as well as a rock ensemble of 12 musicians and singers will take part in St. Petersburg. This evening, for the first time, excerpts from the rock opera “Creation of the World” combined with video art by Joe Boy.

In December, a large-scale event with the participation of the Jewish community in honor of Hanukkah will be held in St. Petersburg, where excerpts from the rock opera “Creation of the World” and the version of “Symforok”.

In 2022, concerts are scheduled in Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Turkey.

Dr. Baruch Berliner is very active in the musical and literary scene in Israel and around the world. In recent years, he wrote three symphonic poems: “The Creation of the World”, “Abraham” and “The Dream of Jacob”. Another essay “The Binding of Isaac” is at the composer's work. His symphonic poem “The Creation of the World” performed with success in many countries.

Baruch Berliner works closely with Naum Slutsker, producer, musician and educational entrepreneur to achieve excellence.

 Corona does not stop Israeli musical success in the world

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