Cords “holding the belt” superdance Lorak: how it was, video

Шнуров "заткнул за пояс" запроданку Лорак: как это было, видео

Popular Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak superdance, which leads touring in the Russian Federation, severely humiliated on camera

The corresponding video appeared on the Internet.

So, during the show “the Voice” was a scandal after the speech, the 27-year-old Saina said. As soon as the man finished singing, it was a struggle between several members of the jury: Basta and Serge Cord.

Шнуров "заткнул за пояс" запроданку Лорак: как это было, видео

Ani Lorak without underwear disgraced at a concert in Russia: One is whining, it is a pity to watch
Show business

In this dispute tried to intervene Ani Lorak, showing the young musician that he should choose her. However, her Russian colleagues constantly interrupting, not letting him speak.

“You are not yourself, I think,” said then offended Lorak.

However, this scandal is not over, because then the Cords were released in the Ukrainian sabredance a few “sarcastic” remarks. Eventually, the man chose Sergei.

As previously reported, withkandalina Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak once again aroused public interest in his person

So, on his page in Instagram artist published a photo in the signature to which he announced live on Russian TV.

Шнуров "заткнул за пояс" запроданку Лорак: как это было, видео

On the page of the actress appeared in a selfie in which she poses in purple attire, which is very similar to a Bathrobe. The face lorac bright makeup, and hair down. In the caption, the singer said that the evening will again be broadcasted on Putin’s TV channel where she is sitting in the jury of the Russian show “Voice”.

“Tonight before the @voice1tv chat in LIVE? Suggest topics and ask questions”, — has signed selfie Lorak.

And fans began to comment on the new publication page of the star. And if the majority of the Russian fans of the actress write her compliments and wishes, the Ukrainian followers in all invite the singer to bring the show “Diva” in the Ukrainian city.

“You’re the best. Sun you more. Peter loves you and waits. I want a video for the song “Dream”, “What a beautiful girl”, “We are waiting for you in Uzbekistan”, “was at your concert in Ryazan. You are super”, “Ani, you’re beautiful and smart”, “Very I would like to ask whether the show “Diva” to be held in Lipetsk?”, “When you come to Georgia?”, “Caroline, will there be a tour of Ukraine? If it is then when? Chernivtsi will be on the tour? We are waiting and love you”, “When the Crimea? We are waiting for you!”, “You expect next year to Zhitomir to come?”, “Have you ever acted in Donetsk (Ukraine) or plan to come to us and speak?”, — write the following in the comments to the photo.

Шнуров "заткнул за пояс" запроданку Лорак: как это было, видео

Recall, Ani Lorak made fun of a new outfit.

As reported Politeka, lorac, extramina showed kissing two men.

Also Politeka wrote that lorac disgraced the image of an ancient Queen.

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