Convicted of a California resident who threatened to kill Jews

Convicted resident of California who threatened to kill Jews

A California resident who threatened to kill Jews two years ago has been found guilty.

According to JWeekly, a court ruling was issued to him on Wednesday. < The defendant is 25-year-old Ross Farke, who faces more than nine years in prison for the crime of using a machine gun. The verdict will be pronounced on December 29. The Californian was found guilty of four serious crimes, including – illegal manufacture and possession of military weapons, as well as a threat to a police officer. Moreover , he was found guilty of a civil rights violation for “ oppression and threats to the Jewish people in the free exercise of religious rights. '' According to Arutz Sheva, in 2019, Farka posted on the gaming platform Steam, that he wants to arrange a mass execution of Jews. “I have an AR15 semi-automatic rifle, but I can buy/make a sear and get a set of M16 parts. I would have killed about 30 killed, and then 5 more police officers, because I would also decide to fight to the death '', & ndash; he spoke two years ago.

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