Contrary to rumors! Lily Ivanova did something unexpected SNI …

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Contrary to rumors! Lily Ivanova did something unexpected SNI …

Variety prima Lili Ivanova has arranged for her niece Radmila, the older daughter of her sister Magda, who still lives with her in the capital’s Banishora district, the Telegraph writes.

Contrary to rumors that she is not interested in her family, the singer has been taking care of them for years and helping them not only financially.

Magda, who is three years older than her famous relative, has two daughters from two different marriages. Little Maria has been married for more than 10 years and lives with her husband, with whom they have a boy. Years ago, Lily posted on her Facebook photos from her dressing room at a concert in Russia and it became clear that she had put a photo of little Ivancho on her iPhone display. Then there were rumors that she had decided to leave her inheritance to him.

Before that, however, Radmila was the big weakness of the star. The niece was the only relative to choose to succeed her in her first profession – medicine. The former nurse from the hospital in Kubrat was overjoyed to learn of the woman’s wishes, and after graduating, Ivanova let go of her relationship to find her a good job. Radmila has been appointed a junior expert at the RHI in Sofia, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Health. As a civil servant, she received a good salary and bonuses to lead a comfortable lifestyle, writes


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