Contractor killed dumbbell wife. The shocking details of the murder in Lod

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 Contractor killed dumbbell wife. Shocking details of Lod murder

The name of the suspect in the murder of his wife in Lod is allowed to be published: Moshe Atias, a building contractor at the age of 50. According to the investigation, on the morning of the murder, they were supposed to fly together to Georgia to treat Atias' teeth.

The suitcases were already packed, but the trip was interrupted due to the shocking murder. It also turned out that the suspect had recently been in a mentally unstable period and even underwent a series of psychiatric procedures and diagnostics.

“If they intended to go abroad this morning, the relationship would probably be normal.” , – says the mayor of the city of Lod Yair Revivo. “It is possible that a conflict started last night, and he committed the most terrible act of all.”

He also spoke about his acquaintance with the family: “They are a large and well-known family in the city. He's a building contractor, and she was with us for an interview a few days ago. It's just unimaginable.

Atias killed the wife of the dumbbells.

In the morning, the suspect was arrested after police arrived at his apartment and found his 53-year-old wife lifeless. The husband suspected of murder called the police and announced: “I hurt my wife, come take care of her.” He then fled and was arrested at the end of the chase – when his car collided with a police car.

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