Contraceptive helix protects against dangerous diseases

In accordance with the results of the study, researchers from the University of southern California, contraceptive IUD may reduce the risk of cervical cancer in women. According to doctors, the IUD, which is considered one of the most effective forms of contraception can provide protection against the third on the prevalence of cancer among women worldwide.

The analysis included data from studies involving more than 12000 women. The results showed that women who used contraceptive coils, the incidence of cervical cancer was a third lower. “The possibility that a woman can be protected from unwanted pregnancy, and getting some help in the fight against cancer is overwhelming,” says Dr. Victoria Cortessis.

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According to the world health organization, the number of women diagnosed with cervical cancer has been steadily increasing worldwide. So, about 528000 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2012, while 266000 women died from the disease.

Experts say that understanding the mechanism of the protective action of intrauterine devices is the next step clinical studies. Some scientists believe that contraceptive coils stimulate the immune response in the cervix, allowing the body to fight existing HPV infection, which ultimately can lead to cervical cancer. Another reason is that when you remove the spiral also removed some of the cells of the cervix that contain HPV infection or precancerous changes.

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