Continuous rain. Winter has come to Israel

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 Continuous rain. Winter has come to Israel

Winter has come to Israel: despite periodic lulls, most of the rain falls in the sea area – and at times overflows into the coastal strip.

Over the next few hours, rain will gradually spread to other areas – starting after midnight and in the evening, it will begin to spread to most areas of the country – from the northern region to the southern. twsrc%5Etfw[/embed]

The peak of rain is expected between tonight and tomorrow morning, so a lot of precipitation is expected mainly on the coastal plain – the entire coastal strip from the northern region to the southern region will be filled with cloud plumes, which means areas where it will rain continuously. In the coastal strip, there is a possibility of flooding as a result of a large amount of rainfall in one place.

From the evening and night hours there is a possibility of floods in the streams of the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea. Starting tomorrow, the likelihood of floods will increase in the Negev and the Arava region. Rain is expected from the north to the Negev most of the night, so flash floods are possible.

First snow is expected on Hermon early in the morning and tomorrow during the day. The rain is expected to ease from tomorrow afternoon. The next wave of rain is expected during the night.

On Tuesday local rain is expected and it will become colder. Towards the end of the week, there will be a gradual increase in temperature without rain, but the days will still be cold.

According to rainfall measurements across the country at the end of the week, a record was set in the settlement of Kisufim in the Gaza Strip, where 90.5 mm, of which 73 mm fell last night. In the central coastal plain, the most precipitation fell: 39 mm in Netzer Sereni, 30 mm in Palmachim, in the north of the Negev: Shuvel and Beit Kama with 20-21 mm, in the area of ​​Ramat Menashe and Yokneam, in Mishmar HaEmek 21 mm, 26 mm rain fell in the lowlands – at the entrance to Horon. In the central mountains – in Alon Shavut 16 mm fell, in Migdal Oz, in Jerusalem and in the highlands – 15 mm of precipitation.

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