Contestants Miss universe 2019 appeared without makeup

Участницы конкурса  Мисс Вселенная-2019  снялись без макияжа

Contestants “Miss universe-2019” appeared without makeup [photo]
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Photo: Miss Universe

The event will take place on December 8 in the U.S. state of Georgia.

Contestants “Miss universe-2019” have shown the natural beauty. Thirteen of the most beautiful girls of the world took part in a traditional flash mob contest. They became models of natural photography.

Contestants from Poland, Jamaica, Mongolia, Saint Lucia, South Africa, Ireland, Malta, GUAM, the Bahamas, Haiti, Chile, Georgia and Israel posed without makeup. The girls demonstrated genuine womanhood on the eve of the final of the competition.

8 Dec, 90 winners of national beauty pageants from around the world will compete for the title of “Miss universe-2019”. The event will take place in the U.S. state of Georgia. Ukraine in the competition will represent the 26-year-old model Anastasia Saturday from Zaporozhye. She enjoys painting, sports choreography, learning foreign languages. Travels a lot.

At the beginning of the U.S. Embassy, the girl was denied a visa, explaining that letters to go to the beauty contest Ukrainka turn too often. On 15 November the President of “Miss Ukraine universe” wrote the letter with the requirement not to disrupt the country’s travel plans. After the Embassy staff agreed to re-invite Anastasia for a job interview.

On the eve of Saturday revealed the unique dress, which will appear on the contest. The outfit weighs 28 kg, it was made 10 people about three months, and it’s called “Green Ukraine”.

Участницы конкурса  Мисс Вселенная-2019  снялись без макияжа



Ukrainian model has filed a lawsuit against the contest “Miss world”.

Veronica Dedusenko became “Miss Ukraine” in 2018, but it was deprived of the title because of motherhood.

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