Conspiracy against Israelis in Turkey: Iranian agents paid $35,000

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 Conspiracy against Israelis in Turkey: Iranian agents paid $35,000

Turkish media continues to publish new details about Iran's alleged plot against Israel, in which Iranian agents were supposed to kidnap and even kill several Israelis in Turkey.

The Sabah newspaper claims that Iranian agents were instructed to target three Israeli tourists in exchange for $35,000.

The newspaper also released a video showing a man photographing the area inside the hotel. This hotel is inhabited by Israelis who are the alleged targets of Iranian agents.

< br /> The publication notes that members of the criminal cell were arrested on June 17 “at the last minute”.

Earlier it was reported that two more suspects in Iran's conspiracy against Israel were arrested in Turkey.

Recall that in June 8 people were arrested, suspected of military or political espionage and charged with planning attacks against Israelis.

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