Connection of the Jordanian king and incitement in al-Aqsa

 Linking the Jordanian king and incitement in al-Aqsa

Renowned Israeli Arabist Dr. Eddie Cohen explained why Jordanian King Abdullah “warms” riots around the al-Aqsa mosque.

It is well known that the king of Jordan must somehow please his population, 70% of whom are Palestinian by origin. The king always tries to portray himself as an emissary of the Islamic world and a protector of Islamic values.

Dr. Eddie Cohen also adds, “He wants money.”

Cohen says, “Jordan is a country without resources and economy, but with corruption and 70% of the Palestinian population doing nothing. The source of his wealth is control over al-Aqsa. There are many donors, there are 56 Arab and Islamic countries that donate money, and there are businessmen who give money to fight the Jewish occupiers. including security. All this costs him 150 million shekels a year. According to Cohen, ever since Mufti Haj Amin Hussein appeared and started the incitement campaign that “Jews want to destroy al-Aksa”; the king made a lot of money from rebellions and rebellions.

Cohen says: “Every year it happens, and every year we are surprised again at what should have long ceased to be surprised.”

Cohen points out that Jordan is completely dependent on Israel for security, water and energy, and therefore the response to the instigation of the king and his attempts to interfere with the implementation of the principles of the Abrahamic agreement should be tough and unequivocal.

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