Congratulations on the Day of local self-government

Today Ukraine celebrates the Day of local self-government.

Вітання з Днем місцевого самоврядування

Please accept my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the professional holiday – Day of local government.

The emergence of our country as an independent state largely associated with the development of local initiatives, increasing the role of the community and the responsibility of each member for the fate of his native land.

The local government day is a celebration of those who work in local authorities, MPs and all citizens, constituents that are the problem, take care of the rise and growth of cities and village communities.

Local government is a powerful body that unites in its ranks of deputies of local councils, chairmen of quarter committees.
It is really people’s power — the power for the society and in the public interest.

I sincerely wish all strong health, inspiration, endurance, optimism. Let our professionalism and experience, creative attitude to perform their professional duties contribute to the build and development of the cities and villages of Ukraine.

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