Congratulations Angela Catherine

December 7 – Day Catherine. Best congratulations with the Day of Catherine.

Привітання з Днем Ангела Катерини

Congratulations to Catherine with the Saint’s Day

Congratulations Angela Catherine:

Caterina, close your eyes,
Make what he had always dreamed of,
Let the desire flies in the heavens,
Unlimited power the Beginning.
Maybe too bold your whim,
For some people it is unreal
But let the dreams come true,
Once you put forth.
And when they come true, tell me
Not in the day of your birth?
I congratulate you heartily –
Happiness, tales and nastroniya!

Katyusha, today is your day,
You today us open
You keep us more!
Your soul hold good!
Let life be generous to you!
All are successful!
Catherine is the best!

I wish Katya, without a doubt
I birthday party inspiration
You were always beautiful,
Insanely cheerful and happy

Below the happiness has come,
To happiness you went
I want to wish success,
Loved ones to respect!

You got the name Royal
Nice, samoderzhavie,
But wear it with dignity
Here for You the main problem.
Trouble not intended,
Since you are in fact Royal
Not tamed to refuse

Catherine is a noble name,
Not once sounded in centuries.
Let there be happiness life is rich,
Fortuna is in the hands!

I’m in birthday congratulations,
Send a warm sincere Hello.
And only the best wish –
All success and victories!

Katya – Katyusha!
World of good!
Such beautiful eyes
In the whole world no!
We wish Katya
Smile, honey,
Be good!


Kate, sister
Happy angel you!
If life and the race
You in the first place!

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Smile more often
And always color!
And let the sweet life and
With the gleam of love!

SIS, you have birthday today!
And it’s a holiday like this anyway,
Happy angel you, Catherine!
Brother congratulations Roger:

I wish with Tenderness to merge,
And lady Luck live
With a Longing never to meet,
Love strong friends.

Let it be is difficult – do not worry!
Look into the face of Madame Trouble.
Itself, you be the boss
And next stop Happiness everywhere!

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