Concerts Holland Zingt Hazes will continue next month | Stars

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Concerts Holland Zingt Hazes will continue next month | Stars

According to Albert Verlinde, it is almost certain that the singer cannot be there. That’s what the musical producer told on Saturday evening during Show news. André has hardly been seen in public since it became known that he is taking a rest. The rumor mill is running overtime around the singer, who is said to live in his mother’s garage and that he is dating his girlfriend Sarah, with whom he started a relationship at the beginning of this year.

Jeroen van der Boom already informed Show news I really hope Andre will participate. “But we are creative enough when a sleeve has to be adapted.”

Holland Sings Hazes is one of the largest annual sing-along concerts in the Netherlands where the hits of André Hazes Sr. are central. Under the leadership of André Hazes, Jeroen van der Boom and Roxeanne Hazes, various artists join in to sing along. The next concerts are scheduled for November 5 and 6 in the Ziggo Dome. In 2022 there will also be a series of concerts in honor of the 10th anniversary of Holland Zingt Hazes.

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