Concert in Yarkon Park: the audience is outraged by Omer Adam

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 Concert in Yarkon Park: audience outraged by Omer Adam

Israeli media reports that attendees of Israeli pop star Omer Adam's concert in Tel Aviv's Yarkon Park are outraged by his attitude towards the audience.< br />
Adam promised “a performance you will remember for a lifetime” and said that 60,000 people would come to the show.

In reality, the concert was attended by about 40,000.

According to the audience, “the show only lasted about an hour.” They say: “It's shocking, short performance, crush and no fun. Shame, he barely showed up, it's good that Nicky Jam was there, he did him a favor by singing.

Jam, however, is also scolded: “It's all a matter of technique, fake. He came to “cut down money, there was no soul in the songs”.

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