Compulsory vaccination proposed in Germany

Mandatory vaccination has been proposed in Germany

Today, the Ethics Council of Germany supported the mandatory vaccination of the entire adult population aged 18 and over.

At the beginning of the month, opinions in the council differed. Thirteen of the 24 councilors favored age-appropriate mandatory vaccinations for everyone. At the same time, 20 people spoke in favor of expanding existing requirements, while the council as a whole opposed forced vaccination.

But only a month has passed, and now the Ethical Council sees the current epidemiological situation as more difficult, with the proviso that compulsory vaccination cannot curb the current fourth wave in the short term and eliminate the coronavirus in principle.

As a result, mandatory vaccination was adopted as a comprehensive strategy without creating disagreements between those who were vaccinated and those who does not want to be vaccinated.

The Ethical Council of Germany consists of 26 experts from various fields & ndash; Protestant and Catholic theologians, members of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, doctors, biologists and lawyers. The president of Germany decides who will be on this council. The suggestions for advice are optional.

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