Common food additive could exacerbate colitis

White as snow, food were not always… to original white manufacturers of finished products helps titanium dioxide TiO2, which is added to a wide variety of products – from chewing gum to marshmallows, and condensed milk and confectionery.

The annual world production of E171, as they indicate the titanium dioxide in the food industry, has reached 10 million tons.

Meanwhile, as a matter relating to food additives, titanium dioxide is not a harmless compound.

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Swiss scientists from the University of Zurich found that the E171 additive can cause deterioration in individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The authors of an article published in the latest issue of the online journal Gut, first established that molecules E171 can enter the cells of the intestinal epithelium and in macrophages, which are components of the immune system.

The accumulation of foreign matter in the body causes the immune system reaction – this reaction manifests itself as a strong inflammatory process.

Scientists report that they found very high concentrations of TiO2 in the blood of people suffering from IBS. This is not surprising, because the barrier function of the intestine in these patients is impaired.

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In such persons the inflammatory response developed primarily in the tissues of the intestines, which led to the aggravation of IBS and significant deterioration of patients.

The authors of this discovery strongly recommend that all people suffering from IBS, to carefully study the labels on prepared foods and avoid eating foods that contain the notorious additive E171.

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