Commander of the Russian Army Korotkevich told the families of the military why they are in Ukraine

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 Commander of the Russian Army Korotkevich told military families why they are in Ukraine < /p>

Protests in the Russian Federation are growing, the only way they justify the military leadership is that they cannot admit defeat.

” ;Can the president say tomorrow: that's it, I have decided to stop the “special operation”? Maybe. Just what can we do? Our state, like a beaten dog, will have to leave”…

Audio recording of the meeting. Commander of the 41st Army of the Russian Federation, Colonel Oleg Korotkevich, with the families of servicemen of the 35th separate motorized rifle brigade, where he tried to justify the presence of the Russian military in Ukraine and the reasons why they cannot withdraw the troops.

It should be noted that Russia lost 50,000 soldiers dead and wounded, according to the head of the British Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Tony Radakin. and they see that Russia is having problems – Russia, which, according to our estimates, has lost more than 30% of its ground combat capability.

The war between Russia and Ukraine could last another four to six months and end in a “frozen conflict”, the former commander-in-chief of the United NATO forces in Europe James Stavridis.

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