Coming soon in your car: speed limit system

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 Coming soon to your car: speed limiting system

The Israeli Ministry of Transport requires car importers to import into the country from January next year cars that will be equipped with intelligent speed control systems (ISA)

The systems will specifically adapt to road signs in Israel. The ministry also requires importers to install intelligent speed control systems on cars that have already been imported into Israel this year and are driving on Israeli roads.

ISA (Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance) are systems that are able to “read” speed indicated on roadside signs, but their role is not limited to this. Vehicles equipped with ISA that pass a speeding sign will sound a warning horn to the driver and also display a visual speeding warning. According to the principles of the European standard, which is also adopted in Israel, the ISA system is used by default, which means that drivers will be able to turn it off at the beginning of the trip.

The new regulation will apply to all cars that have European standards, that is, those that are sold in Europe. This applies not only to manufacturers in Europe, but also to car models made in Japan, Korea, the USA and China that drive on European roads.

Car importers will also be required to install the system in cars that have been driving on Israeli roads since July of this year. This means that tens of thousands of vehicles delivered to customers in the past few months will have to be returned to importers' garages for the system to be installed.

According to Department of Transportation documents, vehicles in which the system will be installed “must comply with Israeli traffic rules” – a situation that in itself can be problematic, since today some of the cars imported to Israel, equipped with a system for reading traffic signs, are not able to “read”; road signs in Israel due to differences in the texture and materials of which the road signs are made.

The Ministry of Transport stated that “the ISA system is required by European standards for new car models from July 2022, and will be mandatory for every new car from July 2024. The system should determine the allowed speed, including by recognizing traffic signs or reading a digital card, and warn the driver about speeding.

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