Colonel of the General Staff of the Russian Federation Mertvishchev arrested for taking a bribe with a washing machine

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 Russian General Staff Colonel Mertvishchev arrested for taking a bribe with a washing machine

In Moscow, the 235th garrison military court sent Colonel Ivan Mertvishchev, an employee of the main organizational and mobilization department of the General Staff, under house arrest for two months, Kommersant writes. citing sources.

According to the publication, in connection with the call for military service that began in November, Mertvishchev planned to check the joint military commissariat, which includes the microdistricts of Ramenki, Dorogomilovo, Vernadsky Avenue, Troparevo-Nikulino, Ochakovo -Matveevskoe of the Western Administrative District of Moscow.

A week before the check, the colonel contacted the military commissar of the Allied Command, notified him of the upcoming check, indicated that, according to his information, the situation with the recruitment of conscripts in the military registration and enlistment office was bad, and promised to find fault even in the presence of a normal state of documentation. Mertvishchev, according to the source of the newspaper, also noted that such a situation would negatively affect the reputation of the leadership of the military enlistment office and the career of the military commissar, and offered to solve the problems by buying a washing machine worth at least 70 thousand rubles for him.

The military commissar, in a conversation with the colonel, agreed, but filed an extortion statement with the military counterintelligence department of the FSB, which took control of a further conversation with Mertvishchev about choosing a washing machine. Employees of the department detained him upon receiving the device.

The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case against Mertvishchev, p. 5 st. 290 (taking a bribe associated with extortion). He was taken for interrogation to the 517th military investigation department of the department. The Colonel fully admitted his guilt.

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