College Football: précamps this weekend

Football collégial: précamps ce week-end

The good traditions are not lost. In this perspective, the month of may is synonymous with précamp for the three teams of college football in the region. The Cougars of the Cégep de Chicoutimi and the Jeannois du Collège d’alma hold their activity in the spring at the end of the week while the Fellows of the Cégep de Jonquière will do the same next week.

Head coach of the Cougars, Nicolas Menachi expects to welcome up to sixty players, including 25 veterans, as of Friday evening session which will be devoted to meetings of the units offensive and defensive instead of traditional physical testing. “We don’t want to lose players due to strain or injury of the kind,” said the head coach, mentioning that players academics and professionals will benefit from the opportunity to talk about their journey. The linebacker of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Shayne Gauthier, will be in the batch. “It has been there all winter,” reported Nicolas Menachi, to the effect that he was including the physical preparation of the players and races during training in the winter. The elders of the Cougars, Vincent Alarie-Tardif (rusher, Laval), Gregory Bouchard (offensive line, Western), Jeremy Lardi (back centre, Sherbrooke), Jean-Simon Guilbert (marauder, Sherbrooke), the French Liam Ward (centre back, Montreal) and Pierre-Alexandre Taché (old half-defensive, Concordia) will also be on site. In addition, representatives of seven university teams have confirmed their presence.


Nicolas Menachi says he is satisfied with his recruitment, particularly in the region. He has also managed to add a few players from the outside. This beautiful world will be appearing a few French players at the end of the summer. “In charge of players, we have a good nucleus. We managed to keep good players in the area that had the potential to play outside “, he points out, very happy to have been able to reclaim the offensive line which had experienced several departures at the end of the last season.

Saturday and Sunday, the players will jump on the field from the UNIVERSITY for training sessions and a game simulated. “We come bringing the winter with all that has been put in place, argue Nicolas Menachi. Our recruits, we see them a lot during the winter in the gym. They come to train with the veterans, which allows us to see them in confrontations. The précamp allows us to see them on the ground and put them in situations where they will be evaluated on the basis of tactical, technical and physical. It allows us to have a more global picture of our young players and that are not necessarily on the same page. “

“We want to evaluate them, see the players, who will be part of our team next season, which allows us to evaluate compared to what is coming,” said the coach who will also benefit from the gathering to information sharing, including with sessions video.

Some of the players who will be on site will also try their luck in higher divisions before signing their letter of intent.

The wheel rotates in the Jeannois

The head coach of the Jeannois du Collège d’alma, Jean-Philip Caron, estimated to have been turning the wheel in the right side during the recruitment period.

The camp spring training of the Lac-Saint-Jean will be held with over two dozen of new faces, a mixture of players from the region and outside, in addition to a few players in France who will join the group at the end of the summer. “We know that there are always surprises, but we’ll get close to 40 players “, announces Jean-Philip Caron, speaking of her staff for the upcoming season, which will begin in September.

“It is positive, let t-it fell about the recruitment. If it was able to accommodate all recruits in all years, this would not be a problem. “

Over the past few seasons, the Jeannois there have been significant staffing problems, often having to play with the minimum allowed by the réseau du sport étudiant.

A few measures have been put in place following last season, during which the Jeannois have won a single game, victory, which was then cancelled due to a protest of the Voltigeurs of the Cégep de Drummondville in the wake of a poor decision by the officials during the meeting.

Already a recruiter for the hockey team, Jean-François Doré has been assigned to the same task for the football. “At the bottom of 35, it would be very disappointing with the efforts we made during the last few months,” agrees Jean-Philip Caron.

Mr. Caron also believes that a culture change based on the training and the work is carried out in the group. He liked what he saw in the gym during the winter period. “This is one of the biggest achievements “, drop Jean-Philip Caron.

Football collégial: précamps ce week-end

Jean-Philip Caron is expected to direct at least 40 players, the next season, with the Jeannois du Collège d’alma.

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