Coalition fails law to punish rock throwers

 Coalition fails law to punish rock throwers

The Coalition defeated MP Ofir Katz's (Likud) bill to toughen the punishment for those who throw stones at cars.

Katz tried to legalize the provisions of the minister's temporary order Internal Affairs Ayelet Shaked, according to which a person who throws stones, Molotov cocktails or any other objects at cars on the roads should receive a minimum punishment of one-fifth of the maximum established by law. In this case, we are talking about a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years.

According to a report by the Knesset Research Center, less than 1% of those accused of throwing stones receive a real sentence, and 93% of them are imprisoned for less than a year . Katz stated, “Why would terrorists stop throwing stones and trying to kill Jews? We organize summer holidays for them in prison, the Palestinian Authority pays them, they are greeted as heroes in their native village. And today they also received legitimation from the members of the coalition in the Knesset”.

Katz emphasized: “Everyone who voted against this law has thrown a stone at a Jew”.

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