CNN employee fired over anti-Semitic tweets

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 CNN employee fired over anti-Semitic tweets

CNN freelancer Idris Mukhtar Ibrahim lost his job following an anti-Semitic tweet posted in 2014. It is reported by The Daily Mail. Ibrahim's eight-year-old tweets were made public earlier this week. In them, he praised Hamas and wrote “#TeamHitler”. The management of CNN against the backdrop of a flared scandal decided to fire the journalist. Ibrahim has worked as a freelance writer covering a number of international stories for CNN, including Israel. Previously, he also worked for Deutsche Welle. HonestReporting questioned Ibrahim's ability to impartially cover the Arab-Israeli conflict, given his “obvious hatred of the Jewish State.” In a tweet in 2014, he expressed clear support for Adolf Hitler. “I started supporting the German national team after learning that Messi supports Israel. #teamHitler", he wrote then. In another tweet, Ibrahim responded to a question from Al Jazeera English about whether Hamas has the right to fight. "Hamas defend their land. Yes, they have the right to armed struggle”, — he said.

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