Climate catastrophe: Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in Poland and Germany

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 Climate disaster: thousands of dead fish washed up on the shore in Poland and Germany

Thousands of dead fish have washed up on the banks of the Oder River, which flows through Poland and Germany. In this regard, the authorities issued warnings of an environmental disaster. Residents were urged to stay away from the water, suggesting a release of hazardous chemicals. German officials accused the Polish authorities of not informing them of the death of the fish. In Poland, however, the government has been heavily criticized for failing to take swift action. According to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, at first everyone thought it was a local problem. “However, the scale of the disaster is very large, large enough to say that the Oder River will take years to restore its natural state. There must have been a huge amount of chemical waste dumped into the river,” he said. In recent years, the Oder has been known as a relatively clean river. 40 species of fish live there. In Germany, tests are ongoing to identify a substance that could lead to the death of fish. Initially, it was said that the level of mercury content was extremely high. An unusually high salt level was later announced. On Sunday, August 14, the Polish minister announced that an investigation into the cause of the death of the fish had begun. “No toxic substances have been found yet,” he said.

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