Climate activists have blocked the London detour

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Climate activists have blocked the London detour

Climate activists blocking the M25 bypass in London could face imprisonment, British Transport Secretary Grant Shaps said.

Activists from the Insulate Britain movement have partially blocked the M25 bypass five times a week.

Shaps has stated on Twitter that blocking the detour is reckless and endangers human lives.

On behalf of the Minister, the state-owned company National Highways, which services and maintains motorways and major roads, has asked a judge to ban protests on the M25, and the judge approved the request.

Shaps has warned that protesters who will not comply with the court’s decision may face imprisonment.

British Home Secretary Priti Patela emphasized that the court’s decision meant that people would be able to move freely on the M25 again.

Police on Tuesday arrested 38 Insulate Britain activists who blocked the M25, even walking on it and sitting on the asphalt. Several had posters and they poured blue on the road.

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