Client PrivatBank told about stealing money: “Funds are gone, not going to touch”

Клиентка ПриватБанка рассказала о краже денег: "Средства пропали, на контакт не идут"

One of the clients of Ukrainian PrivatBank told how, during the reissuance of the card with her account disappeared money

She told about it during communication with journalists.

“The reissue of plastic card according to experts, the Bank failed. Cash cards are gone. technical support of the Bank’s client doesn’t contact” — she said.

Moreover, according to the client, after five days of problems, this situation has not been resolved.

“As 14.01.2018 (5 day) problem is not solved. Date provide access to funds, specialists of the Bank are not known. The timing of the decision are constantly changing. At first promised to solve within the hour. Then within 24 hours. Today already there are dates in 5 days,” she said.

As previously reported, the client of PrivatBank reported that the financial institution was trying to steal from him $ 1,000, and then the headers still and began to terrorize his relatives

Клиентка ПриватБанка рассказала о краже денег: "Средства пропали, на контакт не идут"

Vladimir Podrushnyak said that history began on 21 September 2017. Then from his account in favour PrivatBank was wrongly debited for the total amount of 586 UAH 77 cents. The representative of the Bank on this occasion said the following:

“The overlap of the shortage on ATM coz only Wadena WB for the period 30.08.2017 14: 11: 22-31.08.2017 13:12:51 Kiev Bessarabska sq., 2 Metrograd “Dome” USD. The Depositary (Terminal)”.

More detailed explanations are provided.

Then my husband said that the ATM gave him extra money.

And when he turned to the branch of PrivatBank in Kiev, opened the more interesting facts. It turned out that from 05.09.2017 on his name the account was opened 29090052695622 that accrued receivables in the amount of one thousand dollars.

“2:00 communication in the Department I had not a single legitimate reason why my name opened the account and accrued this debt. And why is accounts receivable, which deals with legal persons, and I’m physical,” said the man.

Клиентка ПриватБанка рассказала о краже денег: "Средства пропали, на контакт не идут"

Recall that PrivatBank has encroached on customer deposits.

As he wrote Politeka, PrivatBank was at the center of the scandal.

Also Politeka wrote that PrivatBank debit the accounts of Ukrainians is a huge amount.

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