Claudia Koll, the creepy tale: “I was physically attacked” – the Democrat

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Claudia Koll, the creepy tale: “I was physically attacked” – the Democrat

Actress Claudia Koll revealed a shocking backstory: here’s what happened

Claudia Koll he is certainly a much talked about character in the world of Italian television. After being a sex symbol of the 90s, in 2000 she caused quite a stir when she declared of having drawn closer to God, after temporarily abandoning the faith when he was a teenager.

His career began immediately after his graduation. Success came in 1992 the director Tinto Brass chose her for the lead role in So do all of them. The film was a success and she began to become very popular.

During the 90s the Roman artist (he also has Romanian origins) gained the fame of Italian erotic diva participating in other films, such as Italian Miracle, alongside Ezio Greggio and Cucciolo, together with Massimo Boldi.

After drifting away from the screens for a while, she has recently made a comeback claiming to have lived one very bad experience. Here’s what happened to her.

Claudia Koll, the aggression suffered

Claudia Koll’s life changed abruptly around 2000, when she got closer to God. faith did not remove her from her passion for acting, but led her to participate in religious-themed films, such as Maria Goretti in 2003 and San Pietro in 2005.

Little by little, however, she has increasingly moved away from television to devote herself to charities and voluntary associations. In 2005 he founded “The works of the Father”, an ONLUS association that aims to help people in difficulty, especially in Africa. In 2012 she declared herself a “lay nun”, but in 2015 she preferred to consider herself a “missionary”.

In short, it was certainly a nice change for the one who in 1995 led the festival of Sanremo with Pippo Baudo and Anna Falchi.

Recently the former actress was a guest from I hear you, alongside Pierluigi Diaco. On this occasion he told of having been attacked by the devil. She admitted she didn’t see it, so she doesn’t know how it’s done, but that a supernatural force hit her. “I was physically attacked, she crushed me and told me it was death, that she had come to kill me. It was a spirit, you can’t see it, but you feel it“. Claudia Maria Rosaria Colacione (this is her real name) then went on to explain that she was saved thanks to her faith in God, reciting the Our Father in a loud voice.

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