Classmates told about the strangeness of the mother of the girl who staged the massacre in Khimki

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 Classmates told about the oddities of the girl's mother who massacred Khimki

Journalists managed to talk with two classmates of an 11-year-old girl who attacked her ex-girlfriend with a knife in the school toilet of the lyceum and inflicted many blows on her. The children told about the girl's family, noting that recently her mother began to behave strangely.

The students said that the schoolgirl who attacked her classmate used to have a common name, but a few months before the tragedy, her mother cheated on her name to a new one, belonging to the character of a computer game.

The mother herself changed her personal data, becoming Allaria instead of Alla. Previously, the woman taught needlework lessons at the Lyceum, where her daughter studied. However, Allaria began to behave inappropriately, she had conflicts at school, which is why she stopped teaching.

According to media reports, her mother asked journalists for 15 million rubles for her comments to the press. She promised to use this money for the treatment of her daughter, who suffered at the hands of her.

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