Clashes near Yosef's tomb during a visit to Smotrich's successor

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 Clashes near Yosef's tomb during a visit to Smotrich's successor< /p>

Near the tomb of Yosef in Shechem, there were clashes between the IDF and terrorists of the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad”.

It happened on Wednesday morning, when the new member of the Knesset Zvi Sukkot, appointed to replace Bezalel Smotrich, visited the site.

According to Arab media, a 13-year-old Palestinian was seriously wounded by a gunshot to the head. A 16-year-old teenager injured his hand during clashes.

Local Islamic Jihad cell in Nablus announced that it had opened fire on Israeli forces during the clashes. The IDF began firing back. Hits on Palestinians were identified. There are no casualties among the Israeli forces.

The clashes took place a day after a 17-year-old Palestinian was killed in a shootout during Operation Breakwater.

On February 8, Sukkot joined a group of settlers, including Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, who regularly visit Yosef's tomb to carry out repairs on the site.

“There is nothing better than Yosef's tomb to fill you by force,” he said.

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