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 Clalit Northern District Expands Home Order Service

Recently, a number of new services have been added, provided in Clalit pharmacies; Northern District:

1. You can pre-order medicines at the pharmacy, come to the pharmacy and pick them up. Payment is made through a payment obligation (oraat chiyuv) signed by the patient, and when the order is ready, a notification is sent to the client. This is a free service for people over 18.

2. It is possible to order medicines with home delivery. Payment is made through a payment obligation (oraat chiyuv). Shipping cost 27 shekels. For persons aged 75 years and over, as well as for those who ordered medicines and over-the-counter drugs in the amount of 150 shekels or more, delivery is free.

In both cases, you can also order permanent medicines for more than one months (up to four months).
The order is made through your account on the Clalit website or through the Clalit app. When ordering, ask for a consultation with a pharmacist.

3. It is possible to purchase the TYTO device in Clalit pharmacies; Northern District:
The TYTO device allows you to carry out diagnostics for all family members without leaving home. This revolutionary, compact and easy-to-use device allows you to remotely check: temperature, heart, pulse, lungs, throat, ears, stomach and skin, as well as consult a doctor via video link. The service is available to members of the Clalit Health Insurance Fund. even when polyclinics are closed and all information is documented by the attending physician in the patient's personal file.

“We started providing these services during the coronavirus period, and we are constantly expanding the number of pharmacies and localities where services are provided. We are constantly working on improving, adapting and accessibility of services for our clients, », — concluded Tzipi Beaton, Clalit District Pharmacist; North District.

Photo courtesy of Clalit Northern District.

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