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 Clalit: Soroka Hospital Certification

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University Medical Center "Soroka" — the first hospital in Israel to pass the accreditation test with honors for the fifth time and the only one to maintain the level for 14 consecutive years, successfully passing the American JCI certification for international quality and safety standard, in its extended version 7, and as an academic hospital.

Among the main items checked are: the quality of medical care, safety in the provision of medical care and internal security, the level of medical education and scientific research.

The reviewers highly appreciated the work of the Soroka hospital, employees' commitment to the quality and safety of the services provided and the existing organizational culture.

They were impressed by the wide variety of processes that are carried out in the hospital on an ongoing basis, for example in the field of prevention of acquired infections. In this connection, they noted that this is one of the most advanced and strong programs in this area that they have seen in the world.
Soroka Medical Center; from the Clalit group passed the accreditation test with honors in the form of the certification test of the international organization Joint Commission International JCI.

This is the most stringent quality seal given to hospitals in Israel and abroad. This testifies to its high level of quality and safety in the provision of medical care, and that the hospital “Soroka” is on par with the largest and leading hospitals in the world.

During the week, the test was conducted by five reviewers, each of whom has many years of experience in the healthcare system around the world. Dozens of different medical specialties have been rigorously tested according to a model developed and regularly updated by the US JCI and based on strict international standards, and a medical institution must meet approximately 1300 criteria.

Medical Center "Soroka" – the first hospital in Israel to receive this certification for the fifth time, and the only one to maintain this standard for 14 consecutive years. The combined certification as an academic hospital and in version 7, which is the most advanced version, thus puts Soroka Hospital to the forefront of world standard with the highest quality hospitals in the world.

The accreditation test is based on a long list of standards divided into three main themes:

  • Clinical standards concerning the treatment itself, include international safety standards, the way the patient is assessed and treated, the instruction of the patient and his family, anesthesia and surgical treatment, and the management of drug treatment.
  • Administrative standards< /strong>hospital as a health care facility, including infection prevention, quality and safety processes, staff recruitment and training, infrastructure management and maintenance, and information management.
  • Academic Hospital Standards relate to medical education and scientific research. Like an academic hospital, "Soroka" has been reviewed for collaboration with the Ben Gurion University School of Medicine, which includes training programs, lecturer assignments, academic advancement of physicians, evaluation of medical students in departments, and satisfaction of students and interns with clinical experience and internships at the hospital.

The reviewers were impressed, among other things, by the field of prevention of nosocomial infections, and they noted that this program in the Soroka hospital in this area is one of the leading and strongest they have seen all over the world.

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