Cîţu, hand in hand with GOLD. The green certificate, sacrificed on the eve of wave 5 of the pandemic

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Cîţu, hand in hand with GOLD. The green certificate, sacrificed on the eve of wave 5 of the pandemic

Weak after wave 4, Romania is waiting for wave 5 of the pandemic armed with a lot of unconsciousness and zero instruments. After boasting all summer that he defeated the covid and ignored the humanitarian catastrophe foreshadowed for autumn, Florin Cîțu repeats the figure and postpones what specialists consider as the only possible preparation for wave 5: accelerating the vaccination campaign by conditioning access to employment by the Green Certificate.

Attention: this is the first big hop of the future PNL – PSD coalition. Missed now because of Florin Cîțu, the guarantee that this coalition – or any other coalition in which he plays a central role – will be quickly destroyed.

After a tough negotiation, with initial positions difficult to harmonize, PSD, PNL, USR and UDMR reached a compromise: access to the job will be conditioned by the Green Certificate, but for 60 days who does not want to be vaccinated has paid tests Of the state. “A compromise that would make the digger digestible, because in fact few would withstand invasive tests every 3 days,” a liberal told G4Media.

A compromise that could be accepted by all parties and thus had every chance to withstand an attack on the RCC.

It wasn’t enough. On the table, without consulting even a specialist, Florin Cîțu ordered the liberals to block everything, on the grounds that the payment of budget tests would be discriminatory, and a burden for the state. The Liberals were shocked, because the talks were to be resumed from scratch, after all parties had agreed on a solution to promote among their own electorate.

Let’s face it: the solution agreed in Parliament, with the payment of the tests from the budget for 60 days, is not a perfect one. But it had the great quality of being a solution. In a sea of ​​indecision and lack of risk-taking, it was a huge step forward. A step refused in the summer by President Klaus Iohannis himself – the master of hesitation and lack of courage in making unpopular decisions.

A basic principle in management says that any solution is better than no solution. It applies perfectly in politics as well. But Florin Cîțu, caught in a complicated party intrigue that would preserve his illusory power, decided on his own to postpone the decision.

That’s how Florin Cîțu got to dance, even without wanting to, on the GOLD score. Although they use different tools, both sides have reached the same result: the delay of the Green Certificate. The result is twice as negative, according to specialists.

  1. It delays the adoption of a tool used by more and more countries to stem the advance of the pandemic. In the case of Romania, the penultimate in the EU for vaccination, it is even more problematic
  2. It gives citizens the feeling that there is no real emergency and, moreover, that there are major differences between the parties. Which leads to a decrease in appetite for vaccination – just as it did when the Senate rejected the bill.

With the project put on hold, the adoption of the project will take at least another week, as Nelu Tătaru admitted. It will take another few days until promulgation, then 10 days until the Ministry of Health adopts the methodological norms. Basically, November is lost, and in December come the holidays, vacations and it is unlikely to see any rush after vaccination.

Wasted time, wasted lives. Numbers that keep gathering in a whirlwind of death that has already swallowed a city like Bârlad, Mediaș or Alexandria.

PS: Unbelievable that President Klaus Iohannis, the man with the highest popular validation in the state, has nothing to say about the Green Certificate. Launched in the stratosphere of global debates about the greening of the planet or absorbed by the meandering of golf balls on the impeccable grounds of his friend Keul, the president completely ignores the internal public debate. After all, after destroying his party, the parliamentary majority and the government so easily, Romania probably seems too small a stake. Ridiculous indeed.

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