Citizenship of the Czech Republic is almost impossible to get: what has changed

Гражданство Чехии получить почти невозможно: что изменилось

The Ministry of internal Affairs of the Czech Republic intends to tighten the rules for obtaining citizenship of the country, citing security reasons.

“Draft amendments submitted to the agencies. In particular, when applying for citizenship be more strictly evaluated the financial condition of the applicant, language proficiency and examined the lack of criminal record”, — stated in the message, reports the online edition of the with reference to the UNN.

As stated by the Minister of internal Affairs of the Czech Republic Jan hamáček, the purpose of the proposed changes to react to the deteriorating situation in the sphere of global security. So, according to the draft, applicants for citizenship will be evaluated in the absence of not only criminal records, but offences, in particular associated with storage and breaches of public order.

The applicant must prove that he has sufficient funds and property for accommodation in the country.

Candidates, as before, will have to pass an exam on knowledge of the Czech language and reality.

Remains are exempted those who studied in educational institutions in the Czech Republic for three years, but now these institutions need to be registered. This is intended to end the practice when people bring documents, allegedly confirming the training, and really don’t know the language.

“Lack of proficiency in the Czech language and Czech life and institutions ignorance is a serious obstacle to the integration of foreigners and contribute to their social exclusion from society”, — convinced the Ministry of internal Affairs.

In the period from 2014 to 2018, the Ministry has received 18 229 applications from foreigners with a request for Czech citizenship. For reasons of national security, 170 applications were rejected.

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Recall that the center-right political movement ANO (“Action of disgruntled citizens”), headed by the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish reached in the Republic the greatest success in the elections to the European Parliament (EP).

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