Citizens detain Bedouin who shot down soldier in Beersheba

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 Citizens detained a Bedouin who shot down a soldier in Beer Sheva

Citizens and police officers who were at the scene managed to detain the driver, a resident of Rakhat, and he was arrested. Video from the scene shows the vehicle suddenly driving onto the pavement, hitting a pedestrian and continuing on its way. He continues to drive fast and flees the scene. The police said: “All lines of investigation are being investigated – the suspicion that this is a terrorist incident is growing.”

MDA medics Lior Paz and Ron-El Israel said: “When we arrived, we saw a wounded man who lay in full consciousness and had damage to the limbs. We were told that he was hit by a car that drove onto the sidewalk. We provided him with medical care, including dressings and fixation, and evacuated him to the hospital.

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