Circumcised or uncircumcised. Is there any difference for women?

Circumcision has generated a lot of myths that speak in its favor and against.

Обрізаний чи необрізаний. Чи є різниця для жінки?

That sex with a cut man is incredible extravaganza can be heard quite often, reports Rus.Media. Perhaps this opinion has spread in our latitudes, thanks to the compatriots who spend a fascinating holiday in Turkey and Egypt, and, perhaps, thanks to the local people of the Arab countries, which are playing hard to get, because we want to impress our girls.

And since many are already planning the winter holidays, I would like to thoroughly understand the topic. Because the answer to the question can be for some ladies one of the arguments, what better to spend the money: on tour in Egypt, the Emirates or a trip to a ski resort of the Ukrainian Carpathians, Austria or Poland.

Myths and reality

Circumcision has generated a lot of myths that speak in its favor and against. Some of them sound fantastic and all – for example, that after circumcision manhood in some incredible increases in size. Of course, the real prerequisites for this fact no. In fact, the operation of circumcision of the foreskin that covers the glans of the male sexual organ, has long been practiced in Judaism and Islam. This is due to the fact that in tropical countries, where traditionally flourished these religions have problems with water, and in accordance with hygiene and bacteria at high temperatures to multiply faster. And care “cropped” body, it does not say much easier. Ukrainian men are usually circumcised for medical reasons (e.g., phimosis). This is quite a painful procedure and few Orthodox men decided on her voluntarily.

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Pure physiology

Let’s start with the question of hygiene. I have to say to support her circumcised men really easy. Physiologically arranged so that at rest the glans penis is covered by a thin fold of skin that stretches during erection, the head opens. Under the skin can really accumulate physiological discharges of the body, which provoke the growth of bacteria and unpleasant odor. But this happens only in the case if the person completely ignores the question of hygiene. And because we do not live in the desert and every house has plumbing, something to solve this problem fairly simply by using a daily shower. Besides the smell of unwashed armpits or slightly better, so water treatment should not be ignored and circumcised men.

Circumcision and orgasm

Visually circumcised with the uncircumcised genitals are also different. So, in a stressed state have a circumcised penis is not visible frenulum, because it is not there and, therefore, it cannot be used in erotic games. It is believed that after circumcision the sensitivity of the penis decreases thanks to which man does not suffer from premature ejaculation and sex to the delight of the partner lasts a long time. Although such statistics, no one to hold and there is no reliable evidence that this is true. Most likely, the length of sex depends on the skills of the partner. And for many Arab men not to fall face in the dirt in front of a woman is a matter of honor. Although to say that Slavic men do not care – too language does not turn.

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What does a woman want?

Our compatriots in sex with a circumcised man likely to attract the effect of novelty, the desire to try the unknown: “And what is really a bliss? And I never will!” Sexologists claim that male orgasm does not depend on the procedure of circumcision. It affects temperament, arousal, mood, condition of the body and nervous system at the time of sexual intercourse experience. One and the same person in a different state and with different partners is able to Express herself in bed completely different, another way to feel the approach of orgasm.

It is not excluded that in many cases triggered the placebo effect. The woman is configured to enchanting sex with a circumcised man and, of course, it gets. Although, really, if this man has a strong temperament and sexual power, it was not because he was circumcised, and because of his physiology and experience. Since in fact, except for appearance, no special modifications penis not experiencing. By the way, many men do from your circumcised friend a real sex machine and fetish for seducing beautiful ladies. But the fact that all their ability is the result of hard “training” for the development of skills to meet women and has nothing to do with circumcision. It is not an equal sign for long-lasting quality sex.

However, if you are determined to experience sex with circumcised man, why not. In this case, you will have the opportunity to compare the difference personally. Only, I beg you, do not be persuaded to circumcision of her Ukrainian husband. Most likely, it will only spoil your relationship.

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  • Adam Cornish

    Congratulations! I have never read a less informative article on circumcision.
    It reads like something which has been translated through Google into 3 foreign languages, and back again. No research, no facts, no studies, just raw opinion and conjecture.

  • Lewis Malarki
    Links to various studies which indicate BAD NEWS for circumcised men and their female partners.