Chronicle suicides of deputies of the Party of Regions

In the network actively discussing the theme “epidemic” of suicides of deputies-regionals. A tendency more frequent among members of suicide scares Ukrainians by its weight.

Хроніка самогубств депутатів Партії Регіонів

Only in the period from 25 February to 12 March, the four deputies of the Party of Regions have committed suicide. Sergei Walter hanged himself, Mikhail Chechetov jumped from the window, Stanislav Miller and Alexander Peklushenko shot. In all regions, in addition to Miller, were opened criminal cases.


The first was a 57-year-old has two years suspended mayor of Melitopol (Zaporozhye region) Sergei Walter. Walter hanged the 25th of February at his home on the stairs leading to the garage. The body was discovered by his wife.

Doctors, who arrived on a call, nothing could help. The mayor was dead, the doctors just pronounced him dead. Sergei Walter is survived by two children, a son and a daughter.

On this day Walter was due to begin the hearing. Residents believe that suicide Walter brought through the trial, which lasted two years. The mayor held for 13 criminal cases – from extortion to criminal gangs. Counsel contends that Walther has said it will fight to the end, were in good spirits despite not sleeping at night and was taking medication and heart tablets.


Just a few days – 28 February committed suicide and the party of regions Mikhail Chechetov. He jumped out the window of his apartment from the 17th floor of the house at Ul. Mishugi 2. It happened around 1 am. My wife woke up half an hour later went to find her husband, found only an open window and Slippers Chechetov.

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The people’s Deputy Anton Gerashchenko said that according to the survey, the wives and other persons Chechetov had seen the day before, he was in a deep depression, after the beginning of criminal proceedings on the suspicion of his being a malpractice during a “manual” vote on 16 January 2014.


On March 9, in the village of Ukrainka, Obukhov district, Kyiv region killed a colleague Chechetov Stanislav Miller – the people’s Deputy from Party of regions 53-year-old. He worked in the V and VI convocations of the Board (2006-2007, 2007-2012, 2012-2014). Miller shot himself with a hunting rifle in his forehead, which was registered to his name. He committed suicide in the apartment of multi storey house. The Deputy at the time of suicide was in the apartment alone. The body was found by his wife upon returning home.


Another representative of the Party of Regions was found dead on March 12. In Zaporizhya, the former head of the regional state administration and the regions, Alexander Peklushenko has committed suicide. He shot himself at his home in the village of Sunny in Kiev.

Suicide note-the experts in house have not yet discovered. However, the working version remains suicide. Two days before the tragedy, the case of the former Governor have considered in the Kirovohrad court.

Two days before these events, on March 10, in the Kirov district court of Kirovograd considered the materials produced at Alexander Peklushenko. In September he was charged with organizing mass riots. It was another hearing, which was conducted the examination of witnesses. Peklushenko attended and even asked them questions during the meeting, said a source in law enforcement bodies.

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Maybe suicidal tendencies develop from the deputies after the news of the death of a colleague.

– Specifically I can’t speak – says the assumption the Deputy of the Party of Regions Tatiana Bakhteyeva. – I do not know whether he was sick (Stanislav Miller), in what condition he was – we’ve been out of touch lately. But in such a situation, in which our country is, very many people develop depression. Artists, politicians, people who are active, aware of current issues. All things are possible. Perhaps it was a disease. As a doctor, I can explain suicide, except that aggravated disease.

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