Chronicle of the terrorist attack in Bnei Brak

 Chronicle of the Bnei Brak terrorist attack

The terrorist attack in Bnei Brak was carried out by 26-year-old Palestinian Dia Khamarsheh from the village of Yaabad near Nablus.

Khamarsheh was in Israel illegally.
< br /> At 07:56, Hamarsheh got out of the car on Jabotinsky Street in Bnei Brak.

He was standing outside the store. He fired at the pedestrian, but missed. He fired at the motorcyclist, but he also managed to get away.

Hammarsheh continued and went out to Bialik Street. He found no one there, went on and killed two people at the grocery store.

Khamarsheh continued to shoot, but his weapon jammed for a while.

At this time, he turned into the street Jeep carrying Yaakov Shalom. Hamarsheh shouted “Stop!” and shot him point-blank.

Hamarsheh went to Herzl Street, where he killed Avishai Yehezkel, who covered his son with himself.

The massacre lasted six minutes.

At this point, he was caught up with two police officers on motorcycles from the Bnei Brak station. A shootout began. Officer Amir Khoury was mortally wounded during the shootout. The second officer killed the terrorist.

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