Christmas songs have proved to be harmful to health

Новорічні пісні виявились шкідливими для здоров'я

Christmas songs are a bad influence on the psyche

Christmas music can not only give the atmosphere of the holidays, but also harm mental health. Why this happens – read on.

Winter holidays include Mandarin, Christmas tree, snow, garland and Christmas playlist. Of course, there could be many more paragraphs to set the mood, but without the holiday tunes it’s hard to imagine snow season. But these songs may have not only positive but also negative effects. And most suffer from it are the sellers in the stores. And all because in the season there are the same merry song without a break.

Just ask the employees of the stores about their relationship to music, and they will tell you, how hate her. A recent study by American scientists revealed that repetitive Christmas songs threaten the health of the psyche, because a cause of constant irritation.


“These melodies are born to people who are forced to listen to them all the time, unpleasant feeling that they’re trapped. Sometimes these melodies evoke the dissatisfaction of ordinary customers, it’s just a reminder that you need to buy gifts, to meet the expectations of others, the organization of events. Someone reacts to music impulse purchases, while others simply leave the stores”, explains clinical psychologist Linda Blair.

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