Christmas is the Apple touched the users of the network

Різдвяна реклама Apple зворушила користувачів мережі

Promotional video Apple will lift your spirits

The holidays are coming, so it is not surprising that large companies are already starting to run an advertising campaign on Christmas. Recently, Apple showed a video that you will definitely like it!

Apple released a Christmas ad that reminds the history of pcservices the movie “Up”.

The soundtrack for the movie was the song composer Michael Giacchino, who received a 2010 Oscar for best music for the cartoon.

In the story the grandfather is very grouchy and parents ask daughters not to irritate it. Girls don’t understand what’s going on, but then it turns out that he just really misses her grandmother who died. To somehow cheer his granddaughter on the iPad create an animated slide show, which tells the story of their family.

Watch the touching promotional video Apple:

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