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 Chirkov Funeral Home & Co

Loss of a loved one – it's a shock to anyone that causes emotional emptiness. At such moments, it is difficult to find the strength in oneself to concentrate and organize the funeral correctly. To solve this problem, a funeral home will come to the rescue. Its employees have the necessary knowledge and experience to accompany the deceased on his last journey in accordance with the traditions.

Funeral home in Kyiv Chirkov & Co provides comprehensive funeral services in the capital of Ukraine and Kyiv region. The company's specialists accompany the funeral at all stages of their organization: from the delivery of the body to the morgue and ending with the installation of a monument on the grave.

The employees of the funeral home are engaged in the preparation of the necessary documents, the purchase of ritual paraphernalia, organize the purchase of a coffin and its delivery to the burial place. They also negotiate with the crematorium if the relatives of the deceased wish to cremate him. Thanks to the necessary links, the process is fast and affordable.

 Chirkov Funeral Home & Co

Full range of services

As noted above, funeral home services – this is a wide list of actions that must be performed for a worthy funeral of the deceased. In Chirkov & Co customers receive the following services:

  • documentation;
  • transportation of the body to the mortuary, to the place of the funeral, to the cemetery;
  • transportation of everyone who wants to say goodbye to deceased;
  • ordering and purchasing a coffin, wreaths, grave crosses and other paraphernalia (in this matter, the wishes of the relatives of the deceased are taken into account);
  • preparation of the body for burial – washing, shaving, cosmetic procedures, etc.;
  • organizing a memorial service;
  • ordering movers to carry the coffin and gravediggers to dig the grave.

Chirkov Funeral Home & Co fully assumes all obligations for the organization of burial. Thanks to this, the relatives of the deceased can not bother with these tasks, because they are not in that state. In addition, funeral agency specialists understand the emotionally depressed mood people are in, so they communicate with them gently and try to console them in their grief.

 Chirkov Funeral Home & Co

Funeral Home – this is something that every person would never want to do in life. But, unfortunately, people – mortal beings, and someone has to take on the hard work of organizing the funeral. Specialists Chirkov & Co help people every day, they do an excellent job with the task, as they approach the matter with all responsibility.

In Kyiv and the Kyiv region you can find many funeral organizations, but in favor of Chirkov & Co says experience in this area and attentive attitude to each customer, regardless of his social status and budget for organizing a funeral. Each person deserves a worthy farewell to another world.

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